What's Gaming For Good?

Social good includes campaigns that raise awareness and money through social media. E-Gaming for Good is driving real-world change using games that help individuals to learn, improve communities and contribute to make the world a better place. The philosophy of gaming for social good has taken off in recent years, with games being created to help raise awareness for world-wide issues such as hunger poverty, community cohesion, environmental sustainability and education.


There are approximately over 90% of the youth participating in e-gaming today. Tere are also social good campaigns around the world who are raising awareness and money through social media and e-gaming. Gaming for Social Good is evident with the organization Games for Change being one of them. Gaming for Social Good’s mission is catalyzing social impact through digital games. They host a festival every year in New York City with the sole purpose of bringing together game designers and educators from all over to create engaging game that have a social impact.


Fighting climate change isn’t only about planting more trees or making greener choices, it should be fun and interactive too! At Atlas 365 we are creating a digital community of members who will game for good. We’re attracting the attention of the youth who want to see their gaming efforts go towards creating a better world. In our ecosystem, members will be able to play e-games to reach milestones and collect impact points that can be used to contribute to actions and activities that are creating a social impact and forwarding the SDGs. Watch out for more information coming soon...