We are Atlas 365 Inc.

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  • We are a vertically integrated social enterprise leveraging the value of industrial hemp and CBD to create positive environmental outcomes and develop equitable economic opportunities in our communities.
  • Throughout the course of our activities we help impact 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
    • We are licensed by Health Canada to cultivate, harvest, process and sell industrial hemp under the Industrial Hemp Regulations.
  • Our biggest mandate is partnership for the goals. We believe in working together as a community to achieve optimal benefit for all.

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Our Team

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Akeem Gardner:  is a dedicated, hard-working, and driven individual who is focused on community building and innovation in niche markets – primarily hemp and blockchain. His core work includes education and character development through sport, motivating our youth – the leaders of tomorrow, and helping create opportunities in the cannabis/hemp industry. He has recently earned his LL.B from the University of Kent in Canterbury (UK) and is working towards being a licensed lawyer by the Law Society of Ontario.

Randy Osei: the CEO of Rozaay Management Inc. He built Rozaay Management on the values of trust, loyalty and organically cultivated relationships. It is these values in leadership that he brings to Atlas 365, helping us to grow as a brand and staple in local and athletic communities.

Anthony Bennett: The first Canadian to be picked #1 in the NBA Draft, Team Canada member Anthony Bennett has invested in Atlas 365 Inc. with the hope that he can utilize his platform to increase awareness of hemp and how it can be utilized to make a positive impact in our communities locally, nationally, and internationally.