About Us

We are a project management firm out of  Brampton, Ontario, with a special focus on driving community related projects and finding solutions that benefit all of our stakeholders.



In Greek Mythology, Atlas was a Titan condemned to be a pillar, tied to the Earth holding the sky in place for eternity.


Our vision is to be the national leader in quality hemp production, processing it into high quality by products and using its biomass to produce green buildings for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects. We will also connect communities with digital solutions preparing the world for a more sustainable tomorrow.


  • Sustainability: We will aim to provide sustainable solutions to the market for our clients.
  • Innovation: We aim to provide innovative solutions to traditional raw materials to change the way humans interact with our planet.
  • Environmental Consciousness: Our impact on our planet is at the core of every decision made.
  • Trust: We have a duty to act in the best interests of all our stakeholders.
  • Social Responsibility: Goal to provide LIFE – Leadership; Inspiration to create; a Foundation for tomorrow; and, Education – to our communities.


Akeem Gardner

Akeem Gardner, CEO & Co-Founder of Atlas 365 Inc., is a dedicated, hard-working, and driven individual who is focused on community building and innovation in niche markets. His core work includes education and character development through sport, motivating our youth – the leaders of tomorrow, and helping create opportunities in the cannabis/hemp industry. He has recently earned his LL.B from the University of Kent in Canterbury (UK) and is working towards being a licensed lawyer by the Law Society of Ontario.

Randy Osei

Randy Osei, Chairman & Co-Founder, is also the CEO of Rozaay Management Inc. He built Rozaay Management on the values of trust, loyalty and organically cultivated relationships. It is these values in leadership that he brings to Atlas 365, helping us to grow as a brand and staple in local and athletic communities.

Our Partners

At Atlas 365 we recognize that greatness is achieved with strong relationships and teamwork. As such we value all of our relationships and will work continuously to make all of our stakeholders proud of our effort.

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